Successful, sustainable service organization change only happens when you deliberately lead transformation on six fronts.

We have developed core competencies that allow Cloud, Hosting & Managed Service Providers to transform their Customer Experience.

Develop Service

We help you define or refine a cohesive set of strategic choices that chart your strategic direction, establish your competitive position, set clear priorities and form the blueprint for the Service organization to successfully execute and win.

Architect Service

We design and implement Customer Experience that will deliver on your strategy– making sure the pieces fit together in a mutually reinforcing way.

Build Leadership

We develop your Service leaders in the context of their current situation and the evolving business challenges ahead. We customize the approach in alignment with the specific organizational capabilities and individual competencies.

Instruct Growth
and Learning

We drive education and engagement not only within Service organization but across internal and external stakeholders.

Establish Customer

We Infuse client feedback into the analytics of complete customer experience. We uncover why customers stay and why they leave. We expose opportunities for early intervention and prevention.


We create a view into your current level of expertise across the entire Service organization against the ideal benchmark, identify the gaps, set the priorities and help to systematize employee continuous improvement path.

Amazon Web Services

Elya is an accomplished executive who gives her all to create organizational excellence supporting strong customer alignment and satisfaction. She was able to achieve a complete transformation of the support teams to not only develop better talent within the team but also win better customer relationships that translated into lower churn, better profitability, driving the opportunity for company growth. Elya lead her team as a business, measuring success focusing on the bottom line. I appreciate the opportunities Elya has give me, and the lessons she taught me. It is my pleasure to recommend Elya as an exceptional Customer Service leader, but also for her vision as a COO or CEO.

Peter Ticali

Solutions Architect

Appraiser Aide, Inc.

Elya is an extremely capable person. She has created from scratch a highly organized Customer Support department and manages a large and geographically disparate team of Systems Technicians. She is a student of process improvement and has identified, gathered, and reported on critical metrics that allow for appropriate decisions and direction. She is a voracious learner, always reading and seeking new information to improve herself and her department. She is highly intelligent and seems always prepared. She is adept and managing people, processes and projects. I recommend her in the highest way.

Matthew Putegnat

Director of Business Development

Bold Properties Inc.

I worked with Elya for over 9 years and her dedication, her enthusiasm and strong drive are just a few of the qualities she has as a professional, and the list is long. But if that wasnäó»t enough, she has also a human side that makes her a complete package. I consider myself lucky to have worked with Elya for all those years.

Alex Laguardia


Canadian Scholarship Trust

Working with Elya is a rare privilege. We did work together at iWEB where she did undertake the mandate to build a true customer centric approach to support our clients. Right from the beginning she was able to establish her leadership by providing a clear vision and objectives to her team, creating efficient communication among the team and constantly measuring the progress toward those objective. The challenge was everything but easy. With her contagious energy, her rigor and dedication to achieve results; she was able in a short period of time to bring the client services to the next level. I do hope that our career path will cross again.

Simon Rivard

Chief Marketing Officer

Clownfish Digital Marketing

It was a pleasure working with Elya. She has extensive knowledge of web hosting industry and server technology. She also showed great management skill managing a big group of tech support people in several different locations. I would not hesitate to work with Elya again.

Kristine Oh

Digital Strategist

D3 Security

I had the pleasure to work with Elya since her first day at Superb Internet and see her career evolving in time.With her excellent management and communications skills, professionalism and dedication to her work, she achieved outstanding carrier goals in a record number of years and became a successful leader, one of the best leaders I have even known.

Tamara Cormienco

Accounting Manager

Datacom Group

Elya developed and then implemented an integrated service delivery strategy for the provision of global technical support and customer service for a complex cloud service. The results have been impressive and Datacom is proud to be associated with Elya's program. Elya has proven herself to not only be capable of strategic planning but also has the ability to deliver.

Clark Hobson

Vice President

Digital Seniors Canada

Elya is a very determined and passionate leader who dedicates time, energy and vision for her team. No goal is unachievable in her thinking and no obstacle stands a chance. Her extensive knowledge of the 'young' cloud and hosting industry and area of specialization is impressive and of course invaluable to whomever is lucky enough to have her on their management team.

Jennifer Stern

Freelance Writer

Echo Storytelling Agency

I've worked with Elya on a number of occasions and she is fantastic! She is incredibly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Cathy Smith

Art Director


I had a pleasure to work with Elya while I was a Technical Support Specialist at Superb Internet.
She is a type of Director who keeps complex customer relations just perfect and at the same time with deep knowledge of the hosting industry helps to solve complex technical issues.
I was impressed by her extraordinary communication skills, she always knows to pick the right people to make the job done.

Alex Shtrikman

Technical Support Engineer |||

Founder Institute

Elya has always been extremely reliable and conscientious. Her devotion to her company, customers and to service improvements comes through very clearly. As a customer, you would be in good hands with Elya.

Hartland Ross

Mentor and Advisor

Ingram Micro

Elya was a capable VP of Customer Care team, managing her department in the SoftCom Toronto as well as remote support staff overseas. Elya developed and executed ITIL based policy and procedures. She ensured QA and SLA metrics were met, introduced training and mentoring, built internal knowledge systems, upgraded CRM systems, introduced Professional Services. She is an inspirational and motivational leader and strives to identify each individualäó»s strengths to form a cohesive and effective team. Her works resulted in reduced customer churn and increased customer satisfaction that made a difference in top line. I would highly recommend her for any similar position

Turker Ugur Sokullu

CTO of Cloud


It is rare that people get the opportunity to work under a manager with actual drive and a passion for their work. With her exceptional care for customers and staff alike Elya is able to provide the brilliant leadership required to bring supervisors and staff together into a cohesive group with shared goals. Elya is never afraid to take on what might at first seem impossible yet bring it to completion. Elya earns my highest recommendation as a leader and mentor to anyone considering her for an executive position.

Landon Stewart

Lead Specialist, Abuse and Security Management


A real visionary, and true leader, a friend, and a great person to work with.

During the time I worked with Elya I was inspired by her ability to manage successfully large and complex teams and projects. Her communication skills were outstanding, keeping her team and the rest of the organization informed and aligned at all times.

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Elya will be on the winning team. Her experience, attitude, personality, and the ability to motivate are all in strong balance to deliver large scale positive business results.

I will absolutely work with Elya again, If the opportunity presents itself.

Jorge Dominguez

Global CS Analyst & Project Manager

Jean E. Mitchell Consulting

It was a pleasure working with Elya, she is a dedicated professional and extremely committed to delivering an "excellence in customer experience " for her clients. She recognizes the areas of strength in her team, by providing quidance and leadership she ensures success for everyone working in client care at Softcom .

Jean E. Mitchell


SoftLayer, an IBM Company

Elya is a team player type manager, always looking out for the company, the employee, and the client. Her dedication makes her excell at anything she puts her mind too. She stays connected with her team to make sure that project goals and deadlines are always met on time, if not before.

Billy Sehmel

Systems Administrator - Team Lead, Advanced Customer Services

Laidler Software Group

Elya applies herself to her work as a true professional. She has a genuine caring spirit and a passion to achieve the goals put in front of her.

James Laidler



Working with Elya was a real pleasure. Not only she has a good understanding of our enterprise customers pain points but she always come out with creative solutions.
As a very structured and organized person, she's been able to rapidly implement new process and overcome some of the challenges that the organization has been facing for years. I would gladly work with Elya again

Robert Pepin

Senior Account Executive

Okta, Inc.

Elya is definitely one of the best managers I had the opportunity to work for. Her experience, knowledge, determination and hard work transformed the Customer Care department at Softcom to a whole new level. Together, we were able to build almost every system our department needed from ground up. She was very precise and effective in defining and executing these projects, however at the same time she was very open minded, and always had time to hear other opinions or ideas and take them into full consideration. In all the projects we were involved in, Elya demonstrated excellent project management skills, from planning to execution and testing, enabling her team to produce top notch results.

I feel that Elya has always been able to get the best out of everyone in her team, and that has been especially true for me. She made everything a manager could do to make me more productive and successful, and I owe a major part of my success to her.

Ugurcan Aktepe

Senior Software Engineer

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Elya came to iWeb in February, 2013 and was handed the very challenging task of quickly restructuring our customer service group to create an even more sustainable and scalable organization. The first thing I noticed about Elya was the incredible level of energy and enthusiasm which she brought to every discussion. This is someone who loves what she does, and is dedicated to building teams that can provide the absolute best possible level of customer service.

With Elya at the helm, the customer service group was re-energized, re-organized and re-focused by combining a metrics driven approach with a strong drive to develop her teams knowledge, capabilities and capacities through continuous learning and development initiatives.

Elya is a great team player, a strategic thinker and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her without the slightest hesitation and I hope to work with her again one day.

George Neocleous

Manager, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Reporting

Words That Work

Elya McCleave is an undeniable business asset. Her supportive style and acute sensitivity to office dynamics enable her to nip potential trouble in the bud. She offers her staff the professional resources they need to develop their skills into outstanding competencies: including written procedures, clear lines of communication, streamlined training modules, and ongoing recognition and promotions. Thanks to Elya's integrity, "equal opportunity" is a verifiable fact for those lucky enough to report to her. I know she will succeed, and create success, wherever she chooses to employ her professional talents.

Lisa Davidson


Teaching Strategies, LLC

Elya has been an invaluable resource over the past four years as a manager, mentor, and advocate. She maintains a professional, positive approach and an open door policy despite the demanding role of managing a global team. With a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of the web hosting industry and a constant commitment to exceeding customer expectations she is an exemplary leader.

William Schneider

Operations Engineer

SoftCom Inc.

Elya is a methodical, effective, hard working leader who not only puts her mind but also her heart into what she does. Her extensive experience in technical support and customer service domains coupled with her skills in process improvement, strategic planning and team building makes her a great asset to any organization.

Elya has successfully led the efforts to take SoftCom's Customer Care Department to the next level while improving and rebuilding Technical Support and Customer Services, Professional Services and Vendor Management functions.

With her never-ending energy, work ethics and affection for her team and customers, it is a privilege to work with Elya.

Kaan Bora

Chief Operating Officer

SoftCom Inc.

Working with Elya for the past two years was rewarding as she was able to implement training standards, quality standards, and uplift our support team. She provided many opportunities for all of the staff to be the best they could be and do the best at what they wanted to be it Project Management, Training, or enhance technical skill level. It was an absolute pleasure working with Elya and I have no doubt with her work ethics she will continue to achieve more and more.

Colin Krane

GTS Supervisor

SoftCom Inc.

During my time as the CRM Supervisor I was reporting to Elya as the VP of Customer Care at Softcom. She has revised and restructured our Customer Support workflow and uplifted the entire department. Upon her arrival to Softcom Inc. one of the first changes to the Customer Support team was to focus on the Customer Relations Management department. With her leadership, we have created the tools needed to locate customer trends and churn.

Her leadership skills have influenced and inspired the CS team, she has implemented many policies and procedures that provided us the direction needed to sustain and grow the department. Each interaction and project completed with Elya was a learning experience on both a professional and personal level. She has been a pleasure to report to and the work ethics are one to be looked up to. I'm confident that the sky is the limit for what she capable of achieving for any company that is lucky enough to have her as an asset to their team.

Alayna Randall

Global Customer Experience Manager


Most companies have good intentions when it comes to employee development and service transformation, but it is both complex and challenging to get it right. Through the introduction of core competencies and realignment of the service organization, we provide practical and powerful solutions to enable you to turn good intentions into positive actions – that drives results. You will have unprecedented outcomes and strengthened capabilities in areas such as:

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