Customer Influence through Core Identity

I  recently joined Frank Kern’s army of fans. Not only he is great selling and marketing things, but he is also quite entertaining. It all started with me watching his early Mass Control presentation and another on Core Influence, which I thought was the better of the two and the one I want to talk about now.

–          Have you ever attended a sales pitch where the presenter said all the right things, used the right body language, the right arguments to pursue you… but there still was something off? .. as the result you didn’t buy the product.

–          Have you ever had a “flow” when everything went extremely well… You met the right people, said that right things… and you thought to yourself “Damn I wish every day was like this!”?

Frank argues, that there are two identities (two versions) of ourselves we all need to be aware of:

1) Shell Identity – walks around every day

2) Core Identity – true identity. The person we day dream about and want to be

The core Identity is held captive due to the circumstances and lack of knowledge. We don’t spend enough time figuring out our core identity and the core identity of our customers. If we did focus on that, the skills of Core Influence would be easy to obtain.

Core Influence comes from the Core Connection/Communication. That happens when you are congruent with your true identity. You are on the same plane with your “audience”  –  you match. Your influence is seamless and not forceful, because you speak to them on the core level. Sky is the limit!

Let’s break it down further … There are two questions to ask:

1)      What you REALLY want and who you REALLY are

2)      What your market REALLY wants and who they REALLY are

Before you can focus on your customers, start with yourself. Discover your true identity! Wake up! Remember that our deepest core desires give clues to our core identity. For example ask yourself why you are here at this moment reading this blog. If it’s knowledge you seek… ask yourself “Why?”

We all want to create and perpetuate experiences. Things are meaningless. A person who drives a Ferrari, it  is not the car (thing) he/she is after… but the feeling (experience) it would provide.  When a family buys a new home, they are not buying “things” but the new life the family will experience in that new home.

The trick is to align your brain and your subconscious:  E + I = L

Experience (E) – We don’t crave things… We crave the experiences the things give us

Identity (I) – Our experiences, believes and values create our identity… Communication comes from our Identity.

Life (L) – Our experiences and Identity work together to form our life.

So how can we go about creating the new life.. the perfect life?

Well the good news is we are all dying! If we all l live an average of 40 more years we’ve got 14,600 more days to go before we are dead. Our life is made up of individual days.  So  to design the perfect life and create your core influence you start with a PERFECT DAY. Yes, individual day holds a key to what you really want.


Answer this question “If there were no Limitations or Consequences what would your Average day look like?”

Limitations: Financial, geographical, health, limiting people, etc.

Consequences: Stuff that could get you “Into trouble”

Average day: You could do it every day and not get sick of it.

Don’t think about stuff think about experiences… The following questions should help

–          Where would you live?

–          What you house would like?

–          What time would you wake up?

–          What would you have for breakfast?

–          What would you do next?

–          What would you have for lunch?

–          Who would you have it with?

–          What would you talk about?

The more detail you are the more profound your results would be.

Biggest stuff:

–          What would you do for personal fulfillment?

–          What life purpose would you strive towards?

–          What would your business be?

–          What time would you start work?

–          What would you actually DO at work?

Really Big stuff:

–          What your relationships with people around you are like?

–          What would you do for family time?

–          What would you have for dinner? Yes! That’s important

–          Where would you eat?

–          Who would you eat it with?

–          What would you talk about?

Wiring Down:

–          What would you do at night?

–          Who would you do it with?

–          Where would you be?

–          What would your thoughts be as you went to sleep.

Notice these questions are all built on desired experiences.. not goals. Remember that our experiences help shape our Identity. Try this exercise, and next time we shall answer the second question from Frank  “What your market REALLY wants and who they REALLY are”

“Repetition is the mother of all Skill” – Tony Robbins