Customer Service by Gen Ys

MillennialsGen Y group (also known as Millennials, Echoes and Reagan Babies) is over 60 million in size, now represents 80% of that workforce. With Baby Boomers starting to retire there is not going to be enough “Gen X’ers” to replace them. The next people up for promotion are the Gen Y’s.

Gen Y – the youngest generation of employees, born between 1979 and late 1990s. They are arriving on corporate doorsteps with a host of life experiences already under their belt. Management must gain an understanding and respect for this new entrant worker — for without that, corporations are losing opportunities for competitive advantage.

Generation Y brings a unique perspective to the work environment that is often misconstrued as laziness, arrogance or selfishness. What influenced this outlook? In many cases, it’s baby boomer and generation X parents who, after experiencing the era of downsizing, warned their children about the realities of new corporate America.

Gen Ys serving your clients
This is a challenging area, since Gen Y group has been able to get whatever they want, whenever they want at lightning speed and they don’t really see a need to be loyal to anyone. To them, speed is a way of life. I’ve been observing Gen Ys in the IT help-desk environment for few years. The definition of great customer service to them is the speed of service delivery. They are intelligent, direct, impatient and paragons of multitasking.

If an organization strives to encourage the Gen Y staff to build a relationship with a customer it needs to invest in training. The culture of empathy has to be nourished and developed. Questions “why we do what we do” and “who our customers are” have to to be answered.

Gen Ys Observations
Work to Live
Want to learn and want more responsibilities
High expectations of employers
Bring on the Changes!
Prefer Email or IM communication to the in-person meetings

Working style: Fulfillment
Interactive style: Participative
Messages that motivate Gen Y: You will work with other bright & creative staff

The Best Way To Retain Gen Y
1. High-quality colleagues
2. Flexible work arrangements
3. Prospects for advancement
4. Recognition from the boss
5. Steady rate of advancement & promotion.
6. Access to new experiences and challenges

“Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. You will have opportunities beyond anything we’ve ever known.”
– Ronald Reagan