2018 Customer Support Trends

In tcustomer support oday’s business world a well-executed customer support department can’t function without several technical enhancements. Long gone are the days of a toll-free call center being the nexus of your customers’ concerns and complaints. From the early stages of start-up through to multi-national corporations, there are several trends to pay attention to in 2018 and beyond, ensuring your customers aren’t left without a voice.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

Combine the convenience of self-service with data-driven answers and you’ll be hearing a lot of “wow” from your clients. Chatbots provide intelligent answers quickly and reduce the per-contact cost – a win-win. Chatbots aren’t new (think Siri, Google Now), but using them to enhance your customers’ journey is. Therefore, the learning curve for your existing customers is seamless. A successful implementation focuses on proper use of analytics, business intelligence and accuracy. While the main players like Siri offer a plethora of information, your clients will use a CX chatbot to access your service. You control how the answers are crafted and your customers update their client data.

Mobility and omnichannel service

Think “bring your own device” but “use your own app”. Your customers are already logged into What’s App and Messenger and using these mainstream resources no longer makes you look like a mom and pop shop. The key to using them properly means synchronized data and consistent messaging.  As tablet and smart phone conversion rates continue to rise, your customer service strategy needs to make mobility a major consideration – even leading with it. Keeping a mobile strategy in the footnote section of your business plan will ensure your clients’ frustration. The task need not be too complex since using what your customers already know is key.

Mapped out customer journeys and increased, detailed personalization

Focusing on the personal side of CX doesn’t mean omitting a digital atmosphere. It means empowering your teams to deliver a customer experience that uses technology to evoke positive emotions. Connectivity to the human experience is and will always be the underlying foundation of customer service. Those that give customers the sense of value do so by delivering a positive customer journey, inspiring referrals, shining reviews and repeat business.

Now more than ever it’s crucial to fill in the gaps and bring convenience to your clients.